What you should know about the Gold Project

3 min readNov 29, 2020
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A lot of people see that it’s possible to actually make money with gold but they don’t know how actually go with this process. That where the digital gold projects comes in.

What is Digital Gold Project?

A project tokenizes gold on a one-on-one ratio and make investing gold accessible.


The following are some of the problems encountered by people who try to invest in gold

Security: You cannot have gold and store it in your house

Privacy: Can you go and buy gold in a physical location without people knowing about it? Or without you being ask about documents?

Cost of Entering: Most of the time you are required an accredited investor, someone who have income in other to buy the gold.

There are other challenges that goes with it. But digital gold project is the solution that is actually there to help those who want to with any amount will be able to get hands on the token.

The project seems to make access to gold in a privately. What I mean is that you can invest in gold from the comfort of your home. All you need is a wallet and some cash.

Frequent ask Questions (FAQ)

Is it Secure?

It is secure and what made it to be secure is because it is a token build on Ethereum blockchain. In as much the Etherium blockchain is secure it is secure.

What is the cost rate of Transference?

It has low cost of transference of transference that is when you want to transfer the gold token.

What are some of the supported Wallet?

We have the like of Trezor, meta mask any ERC-20 supported wallet will be okay for this.

Where can I make purchase?

You can purchase from platforms like the gold market place where you can transfer your asset and it will be change to one-on-one ratio, then you can invest in this.

How to own digital gold
With the digital gold token,you do not need to own actual gold,you only have a digital representation of the gold in your erc-20 wallet.
This token is verifiable on the blockchain,the minting is audited from time to time to ensure fraud free emissions,each token is backed by actual gold.
It’s secure,easy to access and easily transferable.

Where to buy the gold token
You can buy the gold token from a number of crypto exchanges,some which includes bitforex,cryptex,livecoin etc.
You may also use to purchase it directly from the gold marketplace.
It allows you to swap your Eth or Btc directly for the GOLD tokens without the need of an exchange,you do not need to register for an account or even fill out KYC details.

Supported wallet
To store,send or receive the digital gold tokens,all you need is an erc-20 wallet or a hardware wallet like trezor or ledger nano.
Examples of erc-20 wallet that supports the gold token includes metamask,Guarda,Enjjn wallet,trust wallet etc.

The decision to buy gold is one of the best you can take.

Learn more
Website : https://gold.storage/

Whitepaper : https://gold.storage/wp.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/gold_ERC20

Telegram :https://t.me/digitalgoldcoin

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@digitalgoldcoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/golderc20/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5161544




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